Senate Updates Cafeteria Menu

Really people you have to try this. Spread some feces on wheat bread, salt and pepper to taste, then top it off with:

  • Film and Television Productions (Sec. 502)
  • Wooden Arrows designed for use by children (Sec. 503)
  • 6 page package of earmarks for litigants in the 1989 Exxon Valdez incident, Alaska (Sec. 504)

Tax earmark “extenders” in the bailout bill.- Virgin Island and Puerto Rican Rum (Section 308)- American Samoa (Sec. 309)- Mine Rescue Teams (Sec. 310)- Mine Safety Equipment (Sec. 311)- Domestic Production Activities in Puerto Rico (Sec. 312)- Indian Tribes (Sec. 314, 315)- Railroads (Sec. 316)- Auto Racing Tracks (317)- District of Columbia (Sec. 322)- Wool Research (Sec. 325)

I’m sorry I can’t get behind this people! We conservatives want to lay claim to rugged individualism, as long as it doesn’t affect our 401k or bank account?

Take some time to watch this video and realize that you are being held hostage, and setting up your children for the same.