And the disappointments just keep coming…

Management benches Favre.

The great Tony Snow has passed.

And now… below the fold…

While I may not contribute much here, I do read a lot. I hope that I am not persecuted for the what have to say. I know a lot of time, thought, and discussion went into RS 3.0. I really do not mean to offend or hurt feelings, but so far concerning RS 3.0 my title sums it for me. I am aware that with any roll-out you are likely to have some bugs. But things like not knowing who is recommending is a very annoying. Reason for this, I tend to like to read things by certain people, and when I see those people recommend another diary, I tend to follow. I am also experiencing a high number of 500 errors, and also was perturbed to notice that it doesn’t remember me once I close my browser. That is to say, I am logged in, close out, reopen my browser, go to RS and I am not logged in… The reason that perturbed me is another issue… I come to RS, start reading a blog and decide to comment, get to the bottom of the page and no place to comment because I’m not logged in. So I click the button to log in, get a page with my username and password already filled in, submit it… and it takes me back to the home page? Shouldn’t it take back to the page that I came from? Now if I could just remember what it was that I just read… Yes, sorry to say sometimes it’s that bad.

RS2 content is coming over soon. Right?

This is constructive criticism, NOT AN ATTACK. I’m not trying to be a whiner like Phil is accusing us of. (Sarcasm) It may be that I also am resistant to CHANGE, not just Obama’s I guess. I am sure it will all be straightened out in the future, I am looking forward to that day.