It is all about perception

Last night I heard Sarah Palin’s speech and suddenly I understood what executive experience means when choosing a president for our country. It is all about perception. Palin has an impressive resume that perfectly complements McCain’s career. Why her resume is better than Obama’s? Even when this seems a difficult question to answer perception tells me that indeed it is very simple. While Sara Palin was building her career and experience, Obama was writing his memoirs. While Sarah Palin was fighting corruption in Alaska, Obama was organizing community activities. It is obvious to me that Senator Obama has no contact with reality when he defines the income of our middle-class in the range of $100-150K. Maybe that is the average income for Harvard graduates. Obama wants success for our citizens but complains when some of them achieve the American dream of success and are able to afford several houses.Obama wants to send all our children to college and he worries about college tuition while McCain worries about reforming our schools and have our children graduate from high school. Senator Obama should know that if you drop from high school or fail to graduate you could not attend college.

In her speech Sara Palin spoke about common problems and common citizens. She was down to earth and in touch with reality. Of course it is easier to talk about energy when you can refer to the immediate present instead of the future. Palin is already building our energy independence while Obama is still planning for our future energy independence.

Sarah Palin is a wake up call for the Democratic Party and a formidable adversary who brings strong beliefs to the Republican Party promises to shake the foundations of Washington.