George Bush to Brit Hume: Republicans can't have a litmus test to join."

From the interview with Brit Hume, Fox News, January 7, 2009.

“…we should be open-minded about big issues like immigration reform, because if we’re viewed as anti-somebody — in other words, if the party is viewed as anti-immigrant — then another fellow may say, well, if they’re against the immigrant, they may be against me. We’ve got to be a party for a better future, and for hope.”

Just a few thoughts…

1) Republicans must bear the burden of inspiring true immigration reform.  Let us begin our reform by enforcing the laws on the books.  Let us continue by completing the fence at the southern border, as well as implementing even the most minor sort of lip service toward port security (a major step).

2) If the party is truly viewed as anti-immigrant, let us fold up the tent and go home in shame, as we have lost.  If we allow our party to be mischaracterized by those in the wrong, we have truly lost.  To allow others to define your message or ideology, you deserve their insult.  We allow others to define our message at our own peril, and our success or failure shall be inherited by our children.

3)  We were the party of a “better future, and for hope”, until we allowed the “big tent” nonsense to first be foisted upon us (think “compassionate conservatism”), and “hope” became a lack-wit euphamism for large promises.  Hope might become our breadwinner in the future, but our breed of hope should be in liberty and promises kept.

Conservatism is hope, and we are a nation of immigrants.  We haven’t forgotten.  I don’t know if I am a Republican due to the recent iterations of “Republican” fielded by the party nationally.  Something I know for certain, however, is there need not be a “big tent”, only strong and true ideals.  We must not let others define our beliefs.  Right to Live.  Right to own property. Right to equal justice.

There are truths which are self-evident.

We don’t need to change the ideals, we need spokespeople who will remain true to them.