Republicans cause recession to protect the rich's tax loopholes.

ODS (Obama Deranged Syndrome  has taken over the conservative movement.  As the sequester counts down, Republican house seem willfully to stand their ground and take ownership of this economy and government.  This year has the pain train of higher prices, stagnating growth, and obamacare implementation barreling down the tracks and republicans are choosing to plant their flag firmly  in the center of the tracks and take their stand.  President Obama is in the caboose ready to make a campaign stop to blame the whole carnage on Republicans.  This is crazy!!

What are we standing for again?? According to the Congressional Budget Office, we’re actually looking at a $44 billion spending reduction in 2013—or reducing what the federal government planned to budget this year by 1.5 percent –or enough money to run the government for 4.5 DAYS. That’s right we are taking ownership of the last failed four years to protect some tax loopholes and continue down Obama’s groundhog day. You know the day where Obama gets 99% of what he wants yet any failure is related to Republicans bad will.  That’s Crazy!!!

It is republican derangement not to see that the sequester battle is really who takes ownership of the worst recovery in US History. Obama and the democrats or Republicans. Obama isn’t scare mongering to win this fight but to shift the blame for what is about to come to the republicans. You can hear it in his speech.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: My sense is that their basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations, and they would prefer to see these kinds of cuts that could slow down our recovery over closing tax loopholes. That’s the thing that binds their party together at this point. This is a major argument, obviously, that we’ve been having for the last three years. (Keeping It Real with Al Sharpton, February 21, 2013)


In the headlines: Nationally NY Times “A MILLION JOBS AT STAKE”  and locally Sequester threatens 5K local jobs, $400M in lost revenue. In the polling: 60% of Americans will hold Republicans solely or partially responsible for the fall out.  Republicans can be nihilists and take co-ownership of this catastrophe of a recovery and risk being swept out of office.  Swept out for .5 reduction in the growth of government spending and protecting small, targeted loophole-closing that’s just meant to torment the dread rich. It’s Crazy to think this fight isn’t over who owns the economy.

As for me I want to conservative to stand for something more solid and comprehensive. Meaningful spending cuts  which include entitlement spending and a broad and coherent tax-reform plan. That’s not what republicans are standing for but to take co-ownership of the Obama Recovery. A result where the debt and the deficit grow, economic malaise continue and deepen and Obamanomics spread and grow.  It’s just Crazy!!!

Do we continue down the Obama Groundhog day of playing small ball and playing the bad guys for Obama’s economic failures or lose a small battle while presenting a real alternative to Obamanomics for 2014 and 2016. I say think big. That’s not crazy.

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