Early Voter News for Nevada. Republican Party needs few more Early Voters to over take lead

Washoe Friday (Oct 26) Early Vote, Democrats Cast 21 More Ballots
Give both sides credit for consistency, they are battling it out neck and neck in the early vote in Washoe County. For the second straight day the vote differential was essentially even with Democrats again nosing ahead by a handful of votes. On the day Democrats cast 2218 ballots and Republicans cast 2197 ballots, 99% of the Democrats total.

Clark County Day 7 Early Vote: Republicans Strike Back
The Obama campaign would love to put the state out of reach but Team Nevada answered the challenge on Friday with the Republican’s best turnout relative to the total early vote of any day over the last two elections. Democrats cast 13,862 ballots versus Republicans who cast 10,161. The Republican’s relative percentage of the Democrat’s vote was 73% — also its best performance over the two elections. Next week will be the big test for both parties but after a few days of nominal declines the GOP turned things around with gusto. The key will be to continue closing the gap and maintain a rate of growth relative to Democrats that keeps them within striking distance statewide.

Go Early Vote. This is the last thread of hope democrats have. Simply put

Majority of Republicans support Romney
Majority of Independents support Romney

Majority of Republicans + Majority of Independents > Minority of Independents + Majority of Democrats.

Conservatives just need to vote. Vote early to break the democrats hope.