Why aren't conservatives encouraging Early Voting??? You don't have to be Democrat to do it.

I had signed up for both the Mitt and Obama campaign site. As I went through the email box. I notice that the Obama campaign was not only asking for money but encouraging me to go vote.

From Obama:
Friend —

This afternoon, I’m casting my ballot in my hometown of Chicago. I’m told I’ll be the first sitting president to take advantage of early voting.

And I can’t wait.

I know I can count on your vote. Now, it’s on all of us to make sure our friends and family step up. Reach out to folks you know in important early vote states.

From Mitt:
This is a time to call on America’s greatness. We need your help — because it matters. It matters for your kids and their kids. It matters for 23 million Americans struggling for work. And it matters for the future of our nation to have a strong economy.
Contribute today to help us keep up the momentum.
Thanks to you, our campaign is gaining steam — and your continued support will propel us to the finish line.

It almost seems as if the conservative movement is so caught up on the war of ideas. It is losing the early vote battle ground as pretending It isn’t happening.

I took Obama’s advice and went down to the polling place. No line. I walked to the registrar and got a ballot and vote for a republican congress and President Romney. It was easy and felt good.

The truth of this election is both men have enough supporters to win. The more turnout looks like 2008 the better Obama’s chances and the more turnout looks like 2010 the better Romney chances.

As for me I’ve already voted. All I have to say to the people of redstate,

“Go Out and Vote Early and tell your friends to do it too.”

Democrats aren’t wrong on this. Voting Early is a good for winning elections.