How Obama Made A Grown Man Cry

Does anyone remember that old public service announcement with the Indian who looks over what has become of America and a tear rolls down his cheek? Like most Americans, I take great pride in the peaceful transfer of power from our elections. As the inaugural glittering generalities started to be replaced with a legislative policy, an oozy feeling took place in my stomach. Then President Obama gave his State of the Union Speech and a lump came to my throat. After watching the Stimulus sail through congress, reality over came me and I cried for the passing of America, Land of the Free and Home to the Brave, to Euro-America, Land of the Entitled and Home to the Bailed-Out.

Seeing the End of the American Way

Obama and Democrats say do not let a good economic crisis go to waste. Democrats laid out an ambitious timetable for President Barack Obama’s agenda, first steps toward Euro-Socialist America. A government grab bag of government goodies to the people in exchange for a life of dependency to the governing class. Obama calls the goodies new pillars for the new American Society:

  • Government Pre-K to College currently being written into the budget vote in September
  • Universal Government Healthcare a vote by late summer (Majority Whip Hoyer says August)
  • Cap and Trade Scheme on Energy to pay for Universal Health Care and Education vote by   Memorial Day.

For the effects of a large expansion of government, the European social welfare states present a window on our potential future: standards of living permanently 30% lower than ours. Rounding off perceived rough edges of our economic system may well be called for, but a major, perhaps irreversible, step toward a European-style social welfare state with its concomitant long-run economic stagnation is not.

Unfortunately, the republicans seemed only mostly unified around opposition to the agenda which means no slowing of the debate. It takes only one defection and the agenda will pass. The American people want action deservedly so and will take a chance on burrow and socialism as to doing nothing. I urge all people to contact Republican Party leaders.

National Office:
Office of the Chairman
Phone: 202-863-8700
Fax: 202-863-8820
Email: [email protected]

State Party: http://www.gop.com/Connect/States.aspx

Tell them
Stop bickering and Step up to the Plate.
Show us the Alternative not just futile resistance as demonstrated by the Stimulus and Ominus-Spending Bill.
Show us the Alternative Way and We will give you our support and money