Obama the empty suit

Some think Obama blew it with his vice president pick. I don’t. It’s part of a beautiful stragey to keep the pundrity and press so focused on drama and gimmicks. That’s all they report. An inattentive public will watch the spectacle. Never realizing nothing of importance will have been said.

I know this is truly cynical but really is anyone noticing the Obama campaign in one year of time has managed to say nothing. His opponents have but have been unable to break through the media’s protective coverage. While cracks have appeared in the hull of USS Obama. It could still make port into the White House.

He is sailing right pass the iceberg this national convention is for him. Could you imagine 4 days of Hope and Change in the most flowery language possible. It would be like a 100 word essay stretch out to make a 1000 word essay. It would come painfully obivious all Obama has to offer is just words for the next four years. Unfortunately, it will be the same ones over and over again. Yes no hope and no change from the mantra of Hope and Change.

My prediction is we open with the Obama’s biography. The next few days the Clintons take a self absorb moment to toot their horns. Press will wonder about the ramifications–will Democrats be able to unify. Then out to Invesco Field to learn “Obama is the one we are waiting for (HOPE) and now is the moment we start the CHANGE to heal the world.”

WHAM-BAM!! Nothing said but it did seem historical.

PS McCain is BUSH’s third term.