Obama and the Press gets the Campaign out of the Gutter

This is why I don’t bet my news from the traditional media anymore. Reporters from the Politico felt the American Public needed to know Obama has one house and Johm McCain seven. This fact may swing the election. McCain tried to desperately hide this fact. Obama campaign now jumping on this issue saying how could he be president. Multi-home ownership makes you definitely a resume killer and unpresidential.

Thank God. This presidential campaign headlines aren’t being driven by a pastgor anymore. Who wants to know where a candidate stands on energy, standing up to evil, what he thinks the country’s greatest moral failing and his. When should a child’s life be protected by the state. Phew!! What a bunch of crap.

Finally the media gets the public focused on the number of houses and what shoes they are wearing. These are things that can be used when in the voter booth.

Obama continue to take the high road. Don’t tell us how you’re going to change America. Take us to a new type of politics. How mamy homes?? What kind of shoes?? Is it designer underwear?? This is what the American Public needs to change America.

Obama 08He owns one House *bought by a felon