Timelines Do they really work??

If only we had listened to Obama earlier, the Iraq War could have been over years ago. The press is now reporting the Iraqis want us to leave and Obama wants us to leave. Violence is low. All this occurred because of the proposed time line by Obama looks like it might be implemented. Finally, Bush is going to get something right.

As we all know the timelines played an important roles in changing the Iraqi Landscape. When the Sunni Sheiks were thinking of turning against Al-Qaeda, It was the time line that convinced them to act. They thought, “Hey in a couple of months the Americans will be leaving so we better act now.” We can always make up with Al-Qaeda after the Americans leave.

Iranian backed Militias got workd from Tehran to stop fighting in Iraqi. The Allotahys saw the Americans were going to leave and decided to save a few Iraqi dinars. After all they were figthting the occupiers not trying to control their Iraqi neighbors–that would be so 1980’s.

Who knew that the Iraqi Civil War was over who got to fight the Americans? Once all sides realized the Americans were leaving, the sectarian strife started to fade. This has allowed the Iraqi’s to reconcile.

After watching the stunning success in Iraqi, Obama would be right to use timelines in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has a civil war, Al-Qaeda problem and borders Iran. Sound fimilar??

An Afghan Timeline would force the Taliban and Afghani government to come to a setlement. We already seen that the locals will reject Al-Qaeda if they know the Americans are leaving. Iran isn’t a country trying to influence the region. It is a country trying to make it American-Free zone. The USA could always chase Bin Laden from over the Horizon.

That’s why Obama will use time lines in Afghanistan.

What do you mean Obama proposed a surge with no time lines for Afghanistan? I’m confused didn’t Obama watch the news??