The President's Cops

President Obama inadvertently stumbled onto an admission of one of the major problems of his form of government when he said that Romney will get rid of your cops, firefighters, and teachers.

The problem, of course, is that the federal government was never meant to have any involvement with the affairs of local communities. And among those affairs is the hiring of cops, firefighters, and teachers.

The problem with Obama’s way of thinking is twofold:

1. The only way the federal government can offer support to the states is to tax the residents of those states. By their good will, the federal government then returns a small percentage to the states to hire municipal employees, among other things. The question each of us should be asking is “why do add the extra step of sending the money to the federal government, only to have them return it?” If you said “power and control,” you win the prize. If the federal government can dole out to the states the money for policemen, then the federal government can also threaten to withhold that money if a state does something that the feds don’t agree with. Say…making illegal immigration illegal. Obama just admitted to his supporters that the money for cops is a favorite pawn in the game of politics. And right now, it’s his game.

2. If the federal government controls the funding of local law enforcement, how far of a reach is it for them to simply assume control of all law enforcement. While this may seem a bit conspiratory, remember that each state also used to have its own army, or militia. The federal government assumed complete control of those militias, leaving the states right to self protection completely in the hands of the federal government. This would have sent the signers of the Constitution into convulsions. Remember, their biggest fear was a federal government stripping them of their sovereignty, which is only possible if the federal government assumes control of the military. If, in some future time of turmoil, the federal government decides they can do a better job of managing our local law enforcement than we can, then guess what? We have a federal police force, which every dictatorship and tyrannical government since the beginning of time has had at their disposal.

President Obama’s remarks about any President having any control over local law enforcement should strike terror into the heart of every freedom loving American. They’ve already got the tools in place to push us into servitude. It only takes one generation to find the right (or wrong) leader to take advantage of it.