The Violence is Coming

Make no mistake about it, my friends. If you stand up for what you believe in, you will be attacked, laughed at, made fun of, even slandered in your own home town. This is the liberal mode of operation. You must understand, first and foremost, that liberalism isn’t just a political or economic viewpoint. It is a religion. A religion that has a central government as its deity and, as Jonah Goldberg states it, John F. Kennedy as its crucified savior.

This is an important point. When we launch our own attacks against what we see as a fast growing socialistic cancer, they see it as an attack against their god. To them, the state provides the answers for all our suffering. The state loves us unconditionally and provides for our every need. The state will establish fairness and eliminate all social and class barriers. For those in the liberal left who still believe in the actual Christ, they make their case by claiming Jesus would have approved of their brand of “social justice.” During the early years of Progressivism at the turn of the last century, ministers involved in the movement even claimed that the central government was God’s tool for building His kingdom on Earth.

Oddly, anytime a government is mentioned in the Bible, it is described as a “beast” or, at a minimum, an oppressive force to be tolerated by the early church. Never once does Christ suggest that we replace individual salvation and charity with a corporate one. However, as history has taught us, the Bible can be translated to justify just about anything, from slavery to war.

So, before we get too comfy with the success of our Tea Party movement, we must not assume naively that the liberal/progressive opposition will suddenly realize that they’ve been found out and the jig is up. Remember, truth means nothing to these people. We can roll out one historical fact after another and they will simply ignore it, always reverting to their favorite chants of “racism,” “hater,” or “fear monger.” When you are defending your faith, it is quite acceptable to display anger or outright hostility. Facts are only a distraction, it is faith in the system that will drive us onward toward our utopia, our New Jerusalem and New Heaven.

This understanding is vital for the Patriot. The attacks directed at us in the new revolution will grow more hostile, more bitter, and more personal. Eventually, I fear they will grow violent. Am I being dramatic? I think not. Again, I have history on my side.

Woodrow Wilson jailed those who spoke out against his “wartime socialism.” FDR’s administration physically harassed business owners who didn’t participate in his “Blue Eagle” program. Do we even need to bring up the uprising of the fascist liberals of the 60s? The Black Panthers, the Weather Underground, and scores of student uprisings turned that decade into one of the most violent in our nation’s history. Remember, “pig” wasn’t just a term directed at the police, it was directed at all those in the “establishment.” Anglo white males were to be loathed, reduced to third class status, even butchered. Again, if you think I’m over-reacting, simply listen to the sermons delivered by Jeremiah Wright, our President’s minister for twenty years.

If you are working to stop the Progressive movement and their socialization of American, you are not just in opposition. You are the enemy.

We’ve already seen indications of what lies ahead. Thuggish organizations like SEIU have shown their ability to use violence in place of debate. As the Patriots make bigger headway into exposing the liberal fallacies, the counter-protests will grow more violent. Naturally, any violence that does occur will be blamed on the Tea Partiers.

I pray that I’m wrong. I hope that we’ve moved beyond violence as a means to counter free speech. But when people in the administration, U.S. Congressmen and Senators refer to flag-waving grandmothers as “terrorists,” I know what’s coming. We’ve been branded the enemy.

If there is any good news to deliver, it is this: we are in the American majority. Americans have great tolerance toward opposing ideas, rhetoric, even mud-slinging. But we’ve always drawn the line at violence. Once the Progressives turn violent, as they’ve always done, public opinion turns against them in one massive wave.

So be prepared, my friends. Truth and liberty will always prevail, but the opposition will not go quietly. They will fight for their god.