A Few Words About Net Neutrality

…..and the other new FCC internet regulations.

I have been blogging less of late, but it’s not because I haven’t been paying attention. I just haven’t had the time like I used to. I am still low on time, but the severity of what is going on in Washington DC has me typing from bed at 10:30PM on a Tuesday night.

Congress failed to pass one of President Obama’s pet issues earlier this year: net neutrality. As a result, the president and his friends at the FCC are planning on ruling by regulation instead of law. The head of the FCC has said that he believes that the FCC can rule the internet just like they do over radio and television. With this justification, they plan on imposing net neutrality and having the power to shut down websites, or the entire internet in times of emergency.

What does this mean? It means that if you look up “gun control” in a search engine, you will find an equal number of pro and con sites. This may sound innocent to many, but let me be a little more specific. If you were to look up “Pro-Life Action League” you would also get searches for Planned Parenthood. “So what?” you might say. We still have the choice of what we click on, right? Yes. Yes we do. However, what the government is doing is steering the decision-making and information gathering process. The internet isn’t called “the information superhighway” for nothing. An unlimited amount of information is at our fingertips. Why does the government believe they need to get involved? Does anyone recall a major problem with the internet that any candidate used as a platform issue? No. Of course not, because it didn’t happen.

Then there is the power to shut down the internet. This is the sort of thing done in North Korea, China, or Venezuela. This is not done in a democratic nation. This is something done by fascists and dictators. Imagine if the government announced that they had the same power over the newspapers…or the publishing houses…or the cinema. Would we finally wake up and realize we are losing the country our parents gave us?