Are We Being Punished?

I’m at a loss for what has been going on in Washington lately. I really am.

I expected that during the lame duck session of Congress that the Democrats would try to pull a few fast ones, but it seems that Harry Reid and his followers are doubling down on their tyrannical lunacy. Reid did pull back his spending bill (which ranged anywhere from between $1.1 trillion and $1.3 trillion, depending on the report), but to have the gall to present it at this time is nothing short of contemptible. Before the elections, we all wondered where was the debate on the budget. Many of us suspected, but we all now know, that the reason that they were saving it for the lame duck session was that it would be so massive and unpopular that the anti-big government backlash would have been even larger than it was on November 2nd. The mandate against such incredibly massive  spending was so large that one can’t help but feel like they were punched in the gut by this nearly two thousand page omnibus spending bill. Until relenting earlier today, Majority Leader Reid was holding the American people hostage by telling anyone within the sound of his feeble voice that if the Senate didn’t pass his bill, the “nays” would be responsible for shutting down government.

Hostage taking. It seems that the Democrats are fond of this imagery of late. This is the imagery President Obama himself used to characterize the Republicans during the brokering of the tax deal compromise. He and the Democrats characterized the Republicans as hostage takers because they wanted to maintain the current tax rates. Obama was able to get something the Republicans had no intention of doing: extending unemployment benefits…again…for 13 months…

Tell me who the master extortionist is.

Taxes and spending are the main issues, but the lame ducks are also pushing through other terrible legislation such as the DREAM Act and SB510, and the president’s bureaucracy is looking to enforce unconstitutional regulation such as Net Neutrality. These things are being hurled at us in rapid fire pace to keep Americans from getting their bearings and in the hope of securing their passage before the new representatives and senators take office.

The rhetoric coming from the Obama Administration and the Democratic leadership has been hostile as well. It seems to have worked on many of the Republicans who have forgotten their constituencies, and are bowing to the pressure in D.C. and from the media. Or maybe they are being seduced by the trappings of power, I’m not entirely sure.

In the title of this blog I asked the question “Are we being punished?” My answer is yes. The American people are being punished for their rejection of big government on Election Day. I also think the progressives are making a preemptive strike. The progressives have seen that Americans are waking up. They know that we can take our country back if we maintain the momentum. Taxes, spending, and all of the ancillary legislation is deigned to be so burdensome that we will have no alternative but to let the progressives take care of us in their benevolent dictatorship.

We can’t let this take us down. Momentum IS ours. January is near. Local elections are next. We have woken up. Don’t go back to sleep.