Stop and Listen Before We START

The lame duck congress is expected to be voting on a number of issues that President Obama wants to be pushed through. One of these issues is the START treaty which would be used to reduce our inventory of nuclear missiles along with the Russians. While I agree that nuclear weapons are the scariest of all weapons, and believe the world would be better off if the world’s supply disappeared forever along with the knowledge to create them, I know this is fantasy. Besides Russia, we have countries like Iran and North Korea that are escalating their nuclear capabilities with no intention to reduce them. It is a very dangerous time that we live in, much like thirty years ago when the Soviet Union was looking to spread communism throughout the world. I think that before we push forward with the START treaty vote that all of us, and especially the president, heed the words of another president… Ronald Reagan.





The reasons why the United States has enemies may or may not have changed (depending on your point of view), but the fact that the United states has enemies has not changed. We cannot afford to weaken ourselves in a time when other nations are choosing to strengthen themselves. Other nations will not use START as an opportunity to cut back on their defense spending. Our enemies will see it as an opportunity to press their advantage.