Don't Blame the Libertarians for Brady's Loss

Now that I have a little free time, I can get back to blogging, which I often find therapeutic.

Earlier this week, I heard a discussion that for once I restrained myself from participating in. The discussion was about the election for Illinois governor and what lead to the defeat of Bill Brady at the hands of Pat Quinn. I heard one conservative that was absolutely upset and convinced that people voting for Libertarian candidate Lex Green had cost Brady the election. The discussion got quite heated as people insulted the intelligence of Libertarians and their wasted vote for Lex Green.

I wanted to jump in and say “Hey, knock it off! Instead of calling each other stupid, how about the 1.7 million people who voted for Quinn?”

But I didn’t say that, and I was right to stay silent instead of being emotional about it. I was right…to a point. Quinn and Brady were close. That is true. but the Libertarian and Green Party votes were at about the same level as they always are. This election cycle also had the wild card of Scott Lee Cohen that originally was the Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor. He received over 134,000 votes. Rich Whitney, the Green Party candidate. had more than 99,000 votes. The Libertarian finished last in the race at just over 33,000 votes.

If you ask people across the state if we are going in the right direction, they will overwhelmingly tell you “no.” So why did almost half the state vote to keep the status quo? Conservatives have to take a look in the mirror and realize that the message that swept the rest of the country wasn’t delivered effectively here in Illinois. If we do not realize this and work to correct the problem, whether it is communication, candidates, or something else, those of us on the right in Illinois are just as guilty of being blind to the needs of the people as are Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.