Listen for the Logic

… but you won’t hear it.

As the campaign season draws to a close I think it’s safe to say there is a definite uptick in negative campaigning. Negative campaigning is a nice way of saying it. There is definitely an uptick of outright lying and crazy claims be hurled about. Recently I have heard the incumbent governor from Illinois say that his Republican challenger wants to kill dogs. He has not objected to public officials that support him from saying that the Republican wants to castrate and shoot gay people in the head. I have heard the Democratic challenger for Illinois Senate say his Republican opponent committed economic treason because he raised money from American citizens that happened to live in China. I have heard conservatives called witches, whores, teabaggers, and nazis. I’ve heard the President of the United States say that Republicans are welcome to help, but they “need to sit at the back of the bus.” (Such charged speech once again shows that our president is consumed by racial politics, but that’s for another blog.)

The common thread is that progressives have resorted to juvenile name-calling and lies as their last hope to win elections. Why is it that they cannot stand on their record and ideas. If the progressive agenda will lead America into a golden age, why not advertise it? Why not bask in the glow of Obamacare, nationalized industry, increased government spending, and a one world view of foreign policy? Why not? Because the successes of the progressive agenda are the biggest lie of all.

If you listen for the logic, you can’t help but wake up.