Obamacare Passes First Test Thanks to Questionable Judge


Today Federal Judge George Carem Steeh of the Eastern District of Michigan ruled that the federal mandate that Americans are required to buy certain health insurance and may be penalized for failure to comply with the associated provisions of Obamacare is constitutional. The judge said that because lawmakers intend to lower costs by implementing the law, it does not violate the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.

Not only is the judge wrong on a factual basis according to what we are learning about the costs of Obamacare, but he is wrong and out-of-bounds on his ruling as he is citing the intent of lawmakers rather than citing the letter of the Constitution as the basis of his judgement. Judge Steeh is judging on feeling and belief instead of fact and law. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Judge George Carem Steeh is no stranger to poor judgements that violate the Constitution. This Clinton appointee ruled against Julea Ward who was expelled from Eastern Michigan University because she would not go against her Christian belief that homosexuality is morally wrong and counsel subjects. Judge Steeh ruled that it was appropriate for a state school to expel a student that could not perform an assignment because of her religious beliefs. This is the state making a rule prohibiting the free exercise of religion. Judge Steeh is in clear violation of the First Amendment.


It is dubious, in my opinion, that such a liberal judge that has a record of ignoring the Constitution would be the first judge given the opportunity levy a verdict. I ask that all patriots continue to sift through the rubble of truth and expose these progressive activist judges that rule based on their feeling and where they believe the law should be instead of enforcing the law as it is written.