Draft Chip Saltsman for RNC Chair

It’s a time of rebuilding for the Republic and our party in specific. The American people have let their voice resound quite loudly; they have rejected the status quo.

As a party we must do the same if we wish to ensure the future of our party. It is easy to sit here and be an arm chair quarterback, and say that we need to focus just on Taft/Goldwater style policies and nothing else – but that is not what we need.

What we need is balanced policy positions, and to not let one sect of the party overrun the other parts. We need our own “unite-er” so that we may be able to field candidates who can unite. Ron Paul had a unique message that reached a bunch of voters; we do not need to shut those folks out. Mitt Romney attracted some other voters; we don’t need to shut those people out. We need someone who can rein in evangelicals, while giving them a voice – we need someone who can hold back the fiscal hawks while letting them have a say.Outside of Newt Gingrich, I have seen only one man that appears to be qualified for such a position: Chip Saltsman.

Conservative Blogger Kevin Tracy, has already started a movement to “draft” Chip with a sizable group forming on [facebook] (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=33362016863). Join us in trying to take back the party.

Who is Chip? He was the head of the Tennessee GOP in 2000 and helped the State party there make tremendous gains. This past cycle he was Mike Huckabee’s campaign manager, which if you recall was a campaign that came out of nowhere to win Iowa and make a little known Governor a national contender. Chip is certainly a bright man who can help unite this party, even former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist supports Chip Saltsman as the new RNC Chair.

It’s time for new leadership at all levels of the party. We owe it to the people. We owe it to our heroes like Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley, and Barry Goldwater. We owe it to ourselves. Let’s turn this country back around and make America great again.