Cleaning House - Why it Must be Done

With all due respect to Leader Boehner, Whip Blunt, Sen. McConnell and Sen. Kyl; things have got to change. You have all done your best, with what you were given and we are all grateful for that.

But things must change. You see, despite your efforts things have gotten worse. The situation is now dire, we can not handle further loses of this nature. It is far too risky in this climate. We have elected the Dynamic Liberal Duo, and all of their cohorts – and rest assured they are going to do damage.

What has been lacking in the past few years is party discipline, and that is something we can have right now. We can not allow fringe party members to shift sides on key votes. At the same time we can not alienate the conservative Democrats that can be our allies on those same votes.Thank you for your service to the party, but you are simply collateral damage. It is of the utmost importance that we raise a new crop of leaders, who are willing to standout and capture the attention of the American public. We need new life in our Congressional and Party Leadership.

There are plenty of fine leaders in the Senate and the House that can take over; but one thing is certain – they have to be committed to making changes happen within our party. We must get back to our principles. We have to unite Fiscal, Social, and Constitutional Conservatives under one banner.

I could easily go around naming names, but I am truly not in the position to say who should be taking over. I do have my favorites of course, and I think one of them should be in good position to take the reins.

In the Senate I expect Lamar Alexander (TN) to be a strong contender for either Leader or Whip.

In the House, I suspect Eric Cantor will easily become the Whip.

I think Tom Price would make a great Minority Leader. He has experience in the State Legislature as Minority Whip and Majority Leader and has shown his ability earlier this summer.

There are plenty of fine candidates to take over, but ultimately such a gesture will be worthless unless they utilize the position. Yesterday we saw a wholesale rejection of George W. Bush and the last eight years, it should then be the goal of Congressional Republicans to redefine themselves.

This has to spillover to the party in general. We need new leadership from the top up. Things are not as dark as Hannity and others would have us think. Remember, things did not look so great after 1992 – then a man named Newt Gingrich came along with a Contract with America and things changed, for the best. We can have that sort of change again, we just have to try.