Battleground: GA-08

In a year in which Democrats are set to make large gains across the board, there are but a few seats that can be gained by the Republican Party. One such seat is Georgia’s 8th Congressional District. The incumbent won by only 1,700 votes in 2006 and fancies himself as a “Conservative Democrat.” Congressman Marshall’s record speaks for itself, and he is easier to stomach than some of his colleagues.

But why settle for less? General Rick Goddard is a true conservative. Marshall has attacked Goddard because he took polls on the bailout, yet Marshall had phones calls coming into his office by constituents who were vehemently opposed to the bailout. Well folks, I would rather have my Congressman be an actual Representative rather than a mere Trustee.

Jim Marshall has distorted Goddard’s stance on immigration, attempted to portray himself as the Conservative media darling with misleading radio ads, and has insulted the American people by saying they did not know what was best for themselves with the bailout.

The battleground is now Georgia. GA-08 is winnable, but we need your help. The party is busy trying to save seats elsewhere, but we can make a gain right here, right now. If you know someone in Middle Georgia, email them and convince them to support the General. If you have the means, donate to the campaign. Anything you can do to help will put us one step closer to winning the battle for this seat, and for the future. Do not let this one slip through our fingers, Take Charge!


As of today, polls are showing General Goddard only four points behind Jim Marshall, with a four point margin of error. Victory is in our grasp! Learn how you can help us win this battle and take charge of Congress!