Biden Flip Flops on Foreign Aid

I’m not going to cover what most are yelling about right now, that being the whole coal thing and other things Biden and Palin said tonight. I have a different bone to pick, and my oh my it is a big bone.

Joe Biden said, and I am paraphrasing, that due to the Wall St. Crisis the Obama Administration may have to cut back on foreign aid.

As a fiscal conservative I normally would cheer anything that smacked of cutting back on the good ole budget stick, but there is a small problem here.

Later on in the debate, there was all this talk about Darfur and how we need to assist there and there were tangents were Biden began to talk about problems in Afghanistan where we needed to build up infrastructure.

Hold up. I thought we might have to cut foreign aid. I’ve been a rabid supporter of stopping the genocide in Darfur for years, and I think it is insane we have not made the UN put the foot down there, but By God – you can’t cut foreign aid and do all this stuff Biden.

Of course, Palin did not address the issue of cut backs head on. But neither did she make a claim she had no intention of keeping.

Look, I’m not advocating for foreign aid to be cut nor am I saying that it shouldn’t be cut. What I am saying is that if you are going to say you may have to cut something, don’t renege on the statement in less than 60 minutes by advocating all these expensive things that require – you guess it, foreign aid.