Is the Bailout the Chance to Revolt?

I won’t call names or down trod those who think this bailout plan is necessary, but I will still remain vehemently against it. I am very proud of the Conservatives in the House who stood up to the Democrats and did not cave into threats of loosing committee seats.

I’m rather sad that we are already looking into future plans. Half of the top economists say one thing, the other half says another. Idealists are saying this, realists are saying that. Is disaster and doom unavoidable at this point or will the markets fix themselves? I don’t claim to know. But I can say that the Paulson plan is a bad policy choice in my eyes. I also have a very big problem with our Presidential choices right now.

My problem is this. NO ONE WANTS TO CUT SPENDING.

There was this debate the other night, both candidates could not cite a single source of spending in their plans they would cut due to economic conditions. McCain will not vote for pork, but I’m sure Congress will override his veto.

Cut spending. Is it that complicated? The main reason I am so apprehensive to this bailout is because it increases our national debt by so much. And who is accountable for this money? An unelected official who will only be around for a few more months, who wants to be responsible for 700 billion dollars worth of tax payer money.

Not acceptable.

What is the emergency? Where is the urgency? Guess what, the world didn’t end yesterday. By all means we should take time with something that commits this much money.

Bush has truly begun to disappoint me. I’ve set idly for years while the size of the federal government increased. I took it. No more. This plan goes too far.

A bailout may in fact be necessary, but by God it doesn’t need to be concocted in under a week and a half. Explore ALL the options that are REASONABLE. Let’s look at fundamentally overhauling the tax system. Let’s look at stopping short-selling completely. Let’s look at ending mark-to-market.

The backlash is directed at the GOP, and I’m not sure if that is accurate or not. By all means this problem is a result of both parties. I almost want to call for a fleecing of the flock in the House. It’s time for a new Republican Revolution. Stop supporting big government policies, start finding the inner Goldwater.

Rise up.

Too long we have been complacent and allowed big government interests to permeate in the party and take center stage. It’s time for a new crop of fiscal Republicans to rise up and lead the nation. We may very well lose an unprecedented number of seats this go-round, we may lose the White House, but what is important is finding the party again. We can’t let this be the 1950’s again and let the Democrats to dominate things for decades.

Rise up I say.