Jim Marshall's Energy Plan

I whip open my local newspaper and what do I find in the editorial section but a letter from Jim Marshall. Jim is my district’s representative. Lo and Behold, his letter is about a new energy plan he has signed on too.

I’ll surmise it for you in few words. Drill a lot, put the federal revenue into developing technologies, and eliminate foreign oil dependence by pursuing solar/wind/nuclear power sources. Doesn’t sound horrible, certainly better than what Senators Isakson and Chambliss proposed a few weeks ago; I digress.

My problem with this is that I sincerely do not believe it will go anywhere. Why? That’s not a question for me to answer, it would be more appropriate to phrase that question to Jim himself. Why Jim?

Maybe I should illuminate this issue a little. You see, Jim Marshall has claimed to be for drilling in ANWR recently – but by my account he has voted against it every time it has come up since he has been in office. He claims he would vote for it now, but his track record says otherwise. And now he has an energy plan that has bans lifted in ANWR and offshore.

Jim missed his convention by the way. He also hasn’t endorsed his party’s own candidate. Conveniently he also didn’t show up with the Republicans who were protesting the vacation when Americans were being crunched by gas prices. If Marshall truly cared about gas prices and the American consumer, he would know that such things require bipartisan efforts. Meaning he would either need to be pulling people from his own party or the Republican Party. Marshall ducks his own party; I don’t think he has their support. Marshall ducks the House protest; I don’t think eh has their support.

Sorry Jimbo. You may convince some people in the 8th District that you aren’t just pushing one of those Washington Double-Speak agendas, but you won’t fool this boy from Rhine.

Granny has a saying that many people I’m sure have heard, “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck – then it might be a duck.” Jim Marshall looks, walks, and is starting to sound like a Bureaucratic Washington Do-Nothingner – he must therefore be one.