Our Dear Friend Jim Marshall

Our government is setup in a fashion such that we elect people who represent our interests in the federal government. This is a pretty basic statement anyone could find in any government textbook.

In Dodge County we are represented by Representative Jim Marshall. Or that is the way things are supposed to be. For I do not believe that gas hovering between 3.75 and 4.00 a gallon is in the interest of Dodge County, but we can only infer Jim does. He says differently sure, but while other prominent Georgian Representatives are helping stage an energy protest at the capital one can’t help but wonder where is Marshall.

The answer? On vacation. He’s not there. This isn’t the first vote he has missed either. But things are ok fellow citizens, for Marshall says he would vote for energy exploration – he just won’t vote to bring the issue to the floor. His congressional staff should really inform him about that little paradox.

Marshall took a trip overseas to see the troops when the House was debating about the Farm Bill. While I will commend his visit, should he not have been there for the debate? The 8th district contains a lot of rural areas, and in Dodge you can barely travel 15 miles without seeing a farm of some sort.

Marshall champions himself as a “conservative democrat”, and to a degree he fits that bill. Here lately though, it seems like Mr. Marshall is worried about upsetting the rest of his party more than he is concerned about the citizens of the 8th district. I’m sorry, but Nancy Pelosi just does not fly down here and I cannot affirm that Marshall is conservative at all while he continues to caucus and support her.

I will not vote for Marshall nor will I ever refer to him as my Representative until he cleans up his act and starts actually representing his constituency. Needless to say, I’m supporting Rick Goddard this fall – someone who would stand up at the Capitol and at least voice concern for the people he is chosen to represent.