Is Rick Perry really that Conservative??

Rick Perry is a Bush Conservative which means he isn’t one. Rush, Hannity and others pushed Bush in 2001 and I said that was a mistake and Perry is worse.

While I’d vote ABO — Anybody But Obama — Perry isn’t going to unleash this country and return to the principles on which it was founded.   Instate tuition for illegals?   Do a search on Slick Rick’s speech before former Messican Prez Vicente Fox where he lamented the fact that “some people” insist on borders!  He also throught it would be swell to have a “bi-national” healthcare program, where Mexicans would get (FURTHER) free health care and US citizens would foot the bill. 

He’s been the gov for 10 years.  Where’s the surplus?  Do you know how the debt has grown while he’s been in charge?  He’s another W when it comes to spending.

Finally, Governor Gardasil didn’t back down until the TX legislature forced him.  I’m not getting my kids shot up with a vaccine that’s too new to have definitive data on long-term effects.  I’ve already got dictator Zero telling me I have to buy ObamaCare.  I don’t need a new one telling me I MUST inject my kids against four types of genital warts/cervical cancers that are spread via sexual contact.

Here’s a video of Democrats heaping praise on Perry’s soft as jello immigration stance.


Here’s Perry having a George W. Bush moment. We saw this act 4 years ago and we don’t need it again.