Romney vs Career Politician Perry

Romney created Bain Capital in 1986 with a venture capital start up of $ 37 MM, ALL RAISED ENTIRELY FROM PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS. Since then, Bain has invested in over 110 companies, some successfully and a few not successfully. That’s why it is called risk capital. Bain continues to invest in start ups but Perry was focusing on Romney’s tenure at Bain so I will as well.

Romney and Bain invested in many , many companies , but I’ll focus on 5 of the best and the jobs that were created.

Started in 1986 with one Massachusett’s store. Now, Staples has 1700 stores and 60,000 employees world wide, The company has over 40,000 U.S employees…so one could argue that Bain, and Romney were responsible for creating 40,000 jobs

2. Sports Authority
Started in 1987 with a Bain investment, SA had 9 stores in 6 states. They now have 460 stores in 45 states and more than 10,000 employees in the U.S.

3. Brookstone
Bain invested in 1991, the company has grown to 150 stores in 32 states and 3000 employees in the U.S.

4. Sealy Mattress
Bain invested in 1997. Sealy now has 5000 employees at 25 bedding plants

5. Dominos Pizza
Bain invested in 1998. Dominos now has 60,000 U.S employees at 6000 U.S stores

Rick Perry is another compassionate conservative from Texas that’s soft on illegal immigration and will be a big spender like Bush. His fake compassion will be the excuse for more Government Programs.

Perry’s compassion doubled the debt in Texas. This is the same thing I saw with Bush while these so called conservatives supported big spending Bush in 2001. Perry will be worse.

Perry is one of four members on the Bond Review Board, which ultimately approves most state debt transactions. And over the years, we found, he was a leading advocate for expanding state debts to pay for transportation projects and to combat cancer.

It turns out that transportation is responsible for most of the added debt load under Perry, increasing from basically nothing in 2000 to $11.8 billion outstanding as of Aug. 31 2009. That’s because before 2001, the Texas Department of Transportation lacked the authority to borrow money to pay for road projects. Voters gave it that power in 2001 when they approved a constitutional amendment that Perry supported.

Addressing transportation in his 2001 state of the state speech, Perry said, “I would like for both chambers to pass a bonding program to jump-start construction across our state.”

In 2007, voters also passed a constitutional amendment to create and fund the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas with $3 billion in bonds over 10 years, starting in January 2010. Perry had championed the cause with cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong and others.

It’s clear the amount of state debt has more than doubled since Perry became governor.

I said the same thing about Bush when people like Rush, Hannity and other conservatives supported Bush. Perry will be worse than Bush.

It’s sad to see Republicans who support Perry hate success. I’m not surprised because Perry and Obama are twins on illegal immigration.