Why should we nominate George W. Perry?

It makes no sense for Republicans to nominate another Governor from Texas this soon after Bush.  Rick Perry can easily be morphed into George W. Bush 2.0 or George W. Perry by Obama and the Democrats. It’s the same reason why Jeb Bush isn’t running. George W. Bush is toxic to the Republican brand right now. Is it fair? No, Rick Perry is a good Governor. Is it reality? Yes, it would be crazy to give Obama second life by allowing the Democrats to run against Bush via Rick Perry. You will have to spend half the campaign trying to explain why Rick Perry isn’t George Bush. Look what happened with Harry Reid. Reid was all but beaten in Nevada but Sharon Angle gave him second life and now he’s doing the same old liberal thing.

My ideology is closer to Herman Cain or Bachmann but I’m a pragmatist and I know a Romney/Rubio ticket will easily beat Obama/Biden and give us the White House for 16 years.

There were 2 polls recently that showed the Country still blames Bush more than they do Obama for the economy. Why in the world would you want George W. Perry, another Governor from Texas to be the nominee?