Rick Perry is George W. Bush 2.0

Are the Republicans asking to lose the next election? I’m for Romney but I will support Pawlenty, Huntsman or Bachmann. How does anyone think another Governor from Texas at this time will be anything other than a disaster?

When I watch Perry on Cavuto or when he gave a speech, all I could think of was George W. Bush 2.0. If I’m a democrat who makes ads, I would be begging for Republicans to nominate Perry. It would be so easy to morph him into George W. Bush.

His mannerisms are like Bush and his corny jokes are like Bush. The last thing you want to do is give Obama an out. Right now he’s cornered by his economic record, with Perry Obama and the Democrats can run against Bush and Perry will spend half of the election trying to convince people that he isn’t Bush.

Perry would be a disaster!!