Sarah Palin is the true RINO

She talks about a third party on Hannity when she knows that will give Obama 4 more years. Sarah Palin will never get independents and you can just throw out any chance of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio if she’s anywhere near the ticket. These same so called Conservatives support Donald Trump who just gave money to Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago.

Mitt Romney is thr true Conservative. When he talked about individual mandates, he said it’s a states issue.  He’s right but Sarah Palin said she doesn’t like mandates on a state and local level. What would she do if she was in the White House and a state like Ohio did individual mandates in healthcare? Would she send in the National Guard to stop them?  States have mandates about all kinds of things and this is why Texas doesn’t look like Vermont.

In his announcement Romney talked about allowing states to handle some things that the federal government has taken over. This is a true Conservative position.  Liberals and Sarah Palin Conservatives like to overreach. They’re the ones that stepped in on the Terry Schiavo case.  A true Conservative understands that states have more flexibility than the Federal Government.

The same so called Conservatives who love Sarah Palin, think George W. Bush is this great Conservative. Bush was a disaster on the economy. He cut taxes but he did NOTHING to control spending.

Bush – 12 Vetos

Clinton – 38 Vetos

Reagan – 78 Vetos

12 Vetos??  This is in 8 years. Bush was a big spender who did nothing to control spending. You know how many Vetos Romney gave out?

Over 800!!

Many were overturned because of huge majorities in the Legislature. He vetoed things like raing the minimum wage and he got enough through to balance the budget and give Mass. a surplus.

We need a President that understands how business operates in a Global Economy and how we can better compete with emerging markets. I’m glad Romney talked about the Global Economy while Palin was eating Pizza with Donald Trump.

I’m glad Amy Kremer from the Tea Party Express just said on Fox that a third party is stupid and she will not support a third party because it will just give Obama 4 more years.

Palin and Trump are basically saying, if they don’t get their way they might think about a third party. This is shameful and if Palin is anywhere near the ticket the Republicans will give Obama 4 more years and maybe lose the House.