Romney/Rubio best chance for Republicans

Republican really look silly this season. They’re looking for a Conservative superman to come out of nowhere instead of someone who will be a good President. I’m a conservative but I’m not an idealogue. Idealogues like Rush, Hannity and Ingraham gave us John McCain in 2008. They tried to stall the race until a superman entered the race and Mcain won by default. They tried to support Romney at the last minute but it was too late. If they would have endorsed Romney when Lowry and National Review endorsed him we would have stopped John McCain from getting the nomination.

Now Republicans are talking about Sarah Palin and Donald Trump eating pizza. These are serious times and the last thing we need is another ideoalogue in office. We don’t need a President like Bush or Obama who ignore facts and are led by their ideology.

We need a pragmatist in office like Mitt Romney. Clinton was a pragmatist, remember triangulation, and the economy was booming. Reagan was a pragmatist who gave amnesty to illegals. These purist will ruin the Republican party. A candidate like Palin or Santorum is a gift to the Democrats because they can’t get independents. 

Romney/Rubio will give Republicans the White House for 16 years. You will get moderates, independents, conservatives and an increase in the Hispanic vote will will offset the natural increase in the black vote because Obama is on the ticket. If Republicans nominate a Sharon Angle type candidate, this will be an utter disaster for the Country because it will ensure 4 more years of Obama.