Hostage Situation

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The Romney Conundrum

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Rant by Racist –

What’s my motivation again? Is it the fear of losing to Obama, or the fear of being held hostage by the non-choice of either Obama or Romney?

A couple of thoughts occurred to me today, and I realized that no-one has brought this up.

Media talking-heads, and supposed conservative blog commenters alike, keep insisting that Mitt Romney is the most electable because he has the most money and the best organization, and they all want to assure us that even though he might not be the most conservative candidate, his heart and his head are in the right place and he’ll do the right thing if given the chance.

I wonder… Would he do the right thing?

Is Romney’s true motivation, like he says, to save this great nation from impending doom? Or is it for Mitt Romney to be the President of the United States?

Here’s the test.

What if he loses the Primary? Will he use his money and his superior organization to ensure that the nominee wins in November? Or will he give a little speech and take his ball and go home?  If his number one concern truly is the health of this nation, then his number one priority should be removing Barack Obama from office, no matter who the nominee ends up being. If he loses and doesn’t do all he can to defeat Obama, he would be truly despicable.

Is Mitt Romney merely engaging in self-serving scaremongering, or outright extortion? Each time someone from the Romney camp reminds us that he is the only one with the “money and organization to beat Obama’, what they are implying is, ” if you don’t vote for Mitt Romney you’re imperiling the nation.”

Mitt Romney is setting himself up as the gatekeeper of  freedom and liberty, and he’s holding the American people hostage.

If he should lose the primary, he should spend as much on the nominee as he would of himself otherwise he is a traitor, by his own admission.

If he wins I guess I’ll hold my nose and vote for him, but I’ll only be able to do it because I know that at least he has enough American blood in him to realize that his love of Mitt Romney can only exist in a sovereign US, unlike Obama who’s love of Obama requires an America collapsed and subjugated to his Marxist Global Communism. Either way, at that point, both of these blue blood progressive elitists need to be reined in and politically marginalized.

But ultimately, as our good friend Ann Barnhardt said several months ago, “GO HOME WILLARD”!!!