Why I became a thread Pirate

Yesterday, the house voted on HR 2499. It is a so called “non binding” resolution to allow Puerto Rico to vote on whether they want to become a full state. The thing is , it’s is a trick. The series of votes in PR will be set up so that it will steer the vote to “statehood”. It is a complicated game being manipulated by the Puerto Rican Progressive Party, in conjunction with the American progressive left. It is designed to ensure several million new democrat votes to replace the ones they are losing here everyday. The story came to my attention late Wednesday night for the first time. The media, including FOX had not covered this story at all,to my knowledge. When I got home yesterday I made a very fevered attempt to bring the situation to the attention of as many people as I could. The fastest way I could think of at the time, was to post it on the most recent threads on this site and the others to which I subscribe. Knowing that the congressional phone lines would close, and the vote would take place within a couple of hours, I did what I thought was the best thing I could do for OUR country. Apparantly , I offended several people, and I apologize for that. You know what? Come to think of it , I don’t apologize. Maybe my actions were misdirected, rash ,and perhaps even dumb. But , I did what I thought was best for this country, and my children. So, if that offended you …   Maybe I’m not the smartest person here, or the most experienced at internet blogs or politics. But I did what I could because I Love this country and I care what happens. And I would do it again if I thought it would help. Just maybe not here, because obviously etiqutte is more important than intent. So You make the call Red State community. If what I did was so wrong and offensive , then say the word ,and I will leave you in peace. But when you’re sewing that 51st star on your flag, don’t say I didn’t TRY to warn you.