Representative  Steve King of Iowa is calling for all Americans who can get there to meet outside the Capitol Bldg. at noon on Sunday. If we gather outside the bldg. and make our voices heard , they will have to listen or know that they will face the consequences. He is calling for a PEACEFUL gathering of voting citizens to exercise their right to assembly and of free speech. The GOP is in the process of acquiring permits for a large press rally as we speak. The pressure we have been putting on congress is working and now is the time to take it to the next level. This is the last chance to stop it before it passes. We all know how important it is. I for one do not plan to let my children down. Anyone who cannot make it to Washington , is urged to go to your local representative’s office and sit down. Peacefully and politely sit down and refuse to leave. If you are asked to leave , then go outside and sit. Do not get arrested. The representative has the right to ask you to leave his or her office but not the premises. Now is the time to act. We Will be heard !