Adversity Reveals Obama's Character


We have a journalist in America that doesn’t believe that you throw softballs to Democrats and then use the baseball bat to pound the crap out of Republicans!


We have a journalist in America that believes in holding ALL politicians responsible for the statements they make and isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions no matter WHO it is.


Barack Obama’s campaign has given us a taste of what is to come for anyone that dares to stand up to them with anything short of red carpet treatment.

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Barbara West is an anchor with WFTV in Florida. She was given an interview with Joe Biden and she went at him with both barrels blazing. Democrats should have been plenty familiar with what they saw, it was the same kind of treatment that Sarah Palin got from Katie Couric and John Gibson. The difference is, Joe had a little more trouble keeping his cool than Sarah did. Ms. West cleaned Biden’s clock and caught him COMPLETELY off guard. He knew he was in trouble from the first question.

What was most revealing about this interview was the Obama campaign’s response to it. They say that adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it. The Obama campaign certainly faced some unexpected adversity with this interview and, sure enough, they revealed their character. Let me give you the quote of Laura K. McGinnis, Central Florida Communications Director for the Obama Campaign:

“This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election,” wrote Laura K. McGinnis, Central Florida communications director for the Obama campaign, according to the Sentinel.

Take a look at the second half of that quote:

“…unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election.”

There is no way to spin that. That statement is cut and dry. If Obama wins the election he will not allow WFTV access for interviews. A sitting President will deny a member of the free press access to him or his Administration. He has warned WFTV that he intends to violate their First Amendment rights once he is elected. (If he is elected)

There you have it folks. If you think we in the far right are crazy, this if proof that what we are warning about is coming should this man be elected.

Here is the interview!