The Socializing Of America - By Jim Mattison

Jim Mattison is a fellow blogger on another blog I contribute to called “Writers On The Loose”. Jim is a devout Libertarian but on this issue I think he has hit the nail on the head. With his permission, I am reposting his column here on Red State. Copy it and pass it on if you wish.

“It used to be that in America, adamant socialists were considered goofballs…and with good reason. That reason being, socialism, as a governing philosophy is without reason. It is a philosophy founded on the bedrock of good intentions…and what was it Samuel Johnson said about good intentions? The road to hell is paved with them? But these days socialism is all the rage. There are now an approaching majority of Americans who whole heartedly believe that socialism is the only rational direction for America to take. Certainly an overwhelming majority of politicians believe so, which isn’t surprising since politicians crave power and socialism plants power firmly in the laps of politicians, but why would the population be so desirous of a socialist state? The answer is simple…they have been groomed for it.

It may surprise a lot of people out there, but we do not have a free market capitalist state in the United States of America. What we have is a bastardized socialist state. And while the socialist standard bearers love to claim credit for positive outcomes as a result of socialist policy initiatives, the other side of the socialist coin that is either denied or ignored is that socialist policy initiatives are directly responsible for most of the social and economic woes that currently exist in this country. Every social or economic issue, almost without exception, that has been addressed with a socialist policy initiative has either expanded in scope or morphed into a different problem with worse consequences than the problem it was designed to address.

There are three types of adamant socialists.

  1. The Well Intentioned Humanist. This type of socialist is the most common. They just want people to have a good life and believe that if the hardships and burdens that arise over the course of living can be eliminated or eased, then people will have a good life. And the most effective means of accomplishing this task is to assign responsibility for sharing these hardships and burdens to government agencies. Now some of these people are highly intelligent, however, they defend and believe the tenets of socialism with religious-like fervor. The fact that socialist philosophy flies in the face of human psychology, economic principle, historical premise, and in large part just plain old common sense, these facts are ignored or disputed as an act of faith and no amount of reasoned debate is going to alter their belief system. Despite the fact that if you apply the principles of socialism to parenting (the philosophical equivalent of governing) which has been tried with documented disastrous results, these people doggedly hold to belief that socialism will work if properly administrated. Rational? No. But that’s why I equate it to a religion. It’s an act of faith not reason. The well intentioned humanist is primarily a Utopianist. Utopianists are not in tune with the balance of life. Whether you are talking about people’s lives, business, or just life in general, positive and negative must and do exist. Negative experience has just as many positive outcomes and positive experience does, and vice versa, positive experience has just as many negative outcomes as does negative experience. The well intentioned humanist seeks to eliminate as much negative experience from life as they can and in the process…everything gets out of balance.

  2. The Assistance Junkie. We all know and loath this type of socialist, the second most common variety. Even most well intentioned humanists struggle to extend their sometimes seemingly limitless compassion and understanding to. The assistance junkie is usually devoid of philosophical principle, but if a handout is offered they are invariably competing to be first in line to receive it. It may not be fair to even call these people socialists as they do exist within any governing structure. However, the application of socialist policy tends to propagate these types of people at an accelerated rate, so as a byproduct of socialist policy, the assistance junkie, who will always support the policy that supports their predilection for dependency, becomes a socialist by proxy.

  3. The Power Grabber. Although the least prevalent, this type of socialist is inarguably the most dangerous. Dictatorship aside, there is no surer form of government within which to solidify a power base than a socialist one. Why? Because as the old saying goes, “he who has the gold makes the rules”, it follows that he who controls the government controls the power. And who controls government? “He who has the gold”. Power grabbers prefer a socialist state and as little restriction on state control as possible because it is far easier to control the state than the population at large. In order to control the population you must have authority over them and the state is the supreme authority. Power grabbers can come in several forms ranging from individuals like George Soros and Warren Buffet, to large companies like Exxon Mobil and Monsanto, to enormous industrial sectors like the Oil or Insurance industries. Regardless of which form the power grabber comes in, socialism, as a philosophy, allows them to purchase huge tracts of authority over the general population that simple economic superiority never could. Like the assistance junkie, they are most likely less committed to the philosophical principles of socialism than they are attracted to personal benefits.

There is a lot of concern out there from the still lingering bastions of Americans who realize socialism is a fool’s errand, even if they don’t really understand why it’s a fool’s errand, and these people are quite certain that Barrack Obama is going to hasten our country down the road to socialism, or Hell, as the two are pretty much one and the same…and those people would be correct. However, I don’t think they realize that John McCain is going to the exact same place. The only choice you are being offered is whether you want to be on the West side or the East side.

The current financial crisis that we are facing came as a direct result of socialist initiatives within the financial sector of our economy. In order to explain this, I will have to write a long and probably overwhelmingly boring article. But the choice between Obama and McCain is not a choice between solutions, it is a choice between styles and beneficiaries…and don’t kid yourself into believing you or anyone you know are on the prospective beneficiaries’ list.

One thing you can be sure of regardless of which candidate wins, Change ain’t comin’… it got here years ago. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s true. If you really want change there needs to be a mass defection from the major parties and it has to start with you. Otherwise, get ready for a European style socialist government and a complete end to the idea that America began as.”

By Jim Mattison