MSM Mission: Marginalize Palin At Any Cost!

Sarah Palin did much better than anyone thought that she would Thursday night. At least if you are honest, she did. If you are the Huffington Post, she completely tanked.

Gov. Palin took everything that Sen. Biden could dish out and gave it right back to him. Did she dominate? No. But neither did Biden and that made what looked like a draw, a victory for Palin. Thursday night was supposed to be the death of the McCain campaign. It was far from it. Once again, Palin energized the base.

So now the MSM continues Mission: Marginalize. Yes, most of them are admitting that Palin did better than they expected. So how do they marginalize her performance? They do it by “reporting” that the debate is not likely to sway Independent voters one way or the other.


Now that’s interesting.

Had Palin tanked the way they thought she would, they would have declared the election over and Nov. 4th was merely a formality. For that to happen, the Independent voters would have had been so disgusted with Palin’s performance that they would have gone to Obama.

So here is the logic.

Palin loses, Indy’s go to Obama.

Palin does well. Indy’s don’t budge.

Am I the only one confused by that logic?