It Takes A Lot To Get Me Mad...

Anyone who knows me on a personal level knows that it takes a lot to get me mad. A whole lot. I just don’t enjoy the emotion of anger and I stay away from it as much as I can. With politics I get passionate and maybe, on occasion, irritated but I don’t get mad.

Until now.

The MSM and liberal blogosphere has managed to get me mad.

I have a message for them.


She is not running for Vice President of the United States. She has NOTHING to do with the campaign or Sarah Palin’s ability to do the job she was selected to do. She is not campaigning for her mother, she is not on the stump for her mother. We have not heard a single solitary word out of her. We don’t even know what her voice sounds like.

So now, since you can’t seem to dig up dirt on Sarah beyond fishing without a license, you go after a defenseless 17 year old girl who already has to deal with the stress of a surprise pregnancy. Please notice I said “surprise” pregnancy, not “unwanted” pregnancy. To those of us with a conscience, a baby is never “unwanted” or a “punishment”. It is an incredible gift from God, He would not give it to us if he thought we couldn’t handle it.

Do you have any idea the trauma you are putting this girl through? For that matter, do you care?

Think about it. Walk a mile in her snow boots.

You are a teenager and everywhere you look the media is smearing you. You are being called a whore. You’re boyfriend is being called a rapist. The confusion she must be feeling must be unimaginable.

“Why are they doing this to me?”

“Why do they care?”

“Why can’t they just leave me alone?”

This is a dark time in the history of journalism. The New York Times and others have reached a new low and what little respect they still had they lost.


You are doing more to help McCain than you are to hurt him but it is at a scared young teenager’s expense.