Points To Consider Regarding The Recent VP Pick...

I can’t take credit for this. It was sent to me by a friend but I think it says it all. The recent VP pick has changed the game in this election and my friend makes some very good points here. He posted them as a comment to a column I wrote on another blog expressing my unconditional approval of Palin as the VP pick.

Keep an open mind and read with discernment.

“Roger, I have nearly begged you not to set things up for me like this. I don’t understand how this pick could have been seriously made.

Consider the facts

  1. Nearly zero quality management experience.

  2. No foreign policy knowledge or experience. NONE.

  3. From a state known for corruption within the party.

  4. Elected to current position ONLY because of significant embarrassing factors about opponent.

  5. Support is segregated to only a couple of isolated interest groups.

  6. Purported to be an excellent speaker, but displayed serious lack of skill in the Essential National speech.

  7. Grand objectives for economic vitality but no substance to back it.

The list of deficiencies goes on and on. Try as I will I simply can’t understand this selection. Huckabee, Romney, Thompson, even Paul are superior in every category.

I know he is stubborn and known for his own gaffs. But this is even below him. I just can’t figure out why Joe Biden would choose this man for a running mate. :)”