Someone Explain This To Me? Please?

I have been racking my brain trying to figure why in the World Barack Obama would pick Joe Biden?

I know a lot of people are asking the same question and the criticism of it is running rampant but really, why would he make such a critical election costing mistake? I mean this is game over for him and you have to wonder how he could not possibly know that.

I don’t agree with him on 99% of the issues. I don’t think he is qualified to be President but I didn’t expect him to commit political suicide. You can even see it in the faces of the liberal pundits. They are towing the line, but they don’t believe what they are saying. Not one bit.

Let’s take a look at what most of us already know…

Biden was extremely critical of Obama when he was vying for the nomination. The sound bite in which he warns America that the White House is not the place for on the job training is going to be a thorn in Obama’s side.

Biden is the ultimate political Washington insider. Obama’s desire to present himself as an outsider that will change the status quo just went out the window.

Biden has a 35 year voting record that can and will be used against both him and Obama over and over and over again. At the very least, if he felt he needed to choose a fellow Senator, it should have been one with a smaller paper trail.

Biden is almost as far to the left as Obama himself. It will be more difficult than ever to present himself as a centrist.

Biden is the Dems “go to guy” for National Security. The only problem with that is Biden advocates the National Security policies of the Clinton Administration that saw terrorist attacks as an almost annual event and the majority of the planning for 9/11. He will challenge Bush’s policies which have seen us attack free for 7 solid years.

Biden has a tendency to run mouth before engaging brain. That could be a problem on the trail.


Biden’s own results on the Presidential campaign trail were dismal at best. Obama could have at least chosen a contender rather than an “also ran”.

Someone tell me please…