The More They Know About Him, The Less They Like Him

Barack Obama is in trouble. I knew this would happen, but I didn’t expect it to happen until after he took office as President.

You see I have said from the beginning that America would not like Barack Obama. I said they wouldn’t like his policies, they wouldn’t like his leadership. I just didn’t think they would like him at all.

I was right.

I just didn’t think I would see it happen this soon.

The Media Research Center is reporting that Barack Obama is getting 7 positive news stories for every 1 negative one. He is also outspending John McCain by a 2:1 ratio or better and he is out fundraising him by more than that! His decision to decline the public funding gives him unlimited possibilities for raising funds.

With those kinds of numbers, he should be ahead in the polls by at least double digits. He’s not. At best he is tied and in some cases he is down 5 or more.


It’s because the hype and inspiring speeches aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s because America is finding out what Barack Obama is really all about.

He is about denying a suffering baby that just survived an abortion attempt emergency medical care to at least keep it comfortable while it finishes dying or MAYBE has it’s life saved since it is now out of the womb. That isn’t a stance for abortion, that is a stance for infanticide and America knows it.

He is about weakening our military and prematurely ending key defense projects that keep America safer.

He is about negotiating on a weak platform instead of a position of strength with ruthless dictators that want to see harm brought to America.

He is about keeping us dependent of foreign oil for the next 20 years until the alternative energy solutions are in place and viable.

He is about taxing, taxing and then taxing some more. He is about increasing the number of Americans that pay no tax from 30% to 40% or more and that means more taxes for those that do pay. That’s not just the rich folks, that is also the middle class.

He is about taking health care decisions away from the doctors and making them bureaucratic. He is about lessening the quality of our health care in the name of improving the quantity of it.

He is about placing parents under government oversight from the time their children are born until they reach the age of 5 when the schools take over the task. I wouldn’t be surprised if ending Charter Schools and homeschooling is also in his agenda.

He is about stripping all symbols of patriotism from his clothing, podium and plane and replacing them with his logo or a bastardized version of the Presidential seal. His logo, by the way, uses the blue of the United Nations, not the United States.

He is about having “President Barack Obama” embroidered on his plane seat before he even wins the election.

In other words he is a narcissist and as far to the left as a person can possibly get. He is a communist in every sense of the word.

America is learning more and more about the path he is leading us down and we simply do not like it. His spiral in the polls is going to continue until the bitter end and come November 4th I don’t think it’s even going to be close.

Good luck in your future endeavors Mr. Senator. Those endeavors won’t, however, include the White House.