Bush Not Running? That's OK, They Can Pretend That He Is!

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that Barack Obama wants to use the DNC Convention to paint John McCain as a carbon copy of President Bush but that is the latest report. Since George Bush isn’t running for President, and I know that surprises a number of my liberal friends, the second best thing to do is pretend that he is.

This has been a tactic of Obama’s from the very beginning. He thinks he can convince America that 4 years of McCain will be just like a third term for George W. Bush. He thinks that just because Bush and McCain are from the same party that America will buy that.

I think he’s wrong.

I think that tactic is a mistake that will cost him the election.

What Barack Obama needs to do is show America what he has to offer America. He needs to show us what he brings to the table. He needs to tell us how all of his experience qualifies him to be the Chief Executive of the greatest Country the World has ever known.

The problem for Obama is it doesn’t appear that he is able to do that. He has had plenty of time and no results on that end. He is great with a stump speech, probably one of the best ever, but no meat on the bones at all.

So now he is putting his eggs in George Bush’s basket. He is counting on the fact that he can get America to hate John McCain as much as he thinks that they hate George Bush.

He forgot one thing.

America likes John McCain.

More of America likes John McCain than likes Barack Obama. The media may love Barack Obama, but not as much of America likes Barack Obama as they (the media) want to think. You see, even Conservatives, who disagree with most of McCain’s record, still like him. The Liberals who have seen him reach across the aisle and shake their hand, like him. The Moderates absolutely love him.

Attacking John McCain in the way that Obama is apparently planning to will backfire. It will cause resentment in ways that the DNC has not anticipated. It is a strategical error that will be associated with the campaign of Barry Goldwater.

Not only do I feel Barack Obama will lose this election, I don’t even think it will be close. America will have their say about this strategy and the statement will be heard all over the world.