DISCLOSE Act (AKA McCain-Feingold II) Up For A Vote!

Tea Party Patriots is reporting via e-mail blast that Speaker Pelosi is scheduling a vote for H.R. 5175 The “Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections (DISCLOSE) Act.  This new bill is what appears to be a direct retaliation from the left who got theirs wings clipped when the SCOTUS basically overturned the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform law in a clear victory for the 1st Amendment.

DISCLOSE strips away many of the protections that the SCOTUS put back into place by limiting political speech in the name of what the left considers to be “fairness”.  It really is nothing more than a re-incarnation of McCain-Feingold with one very important exception.

If you are on the Left, the law doesn’t apply to you.  You are free to do whatever you please.

Unions and other left wing advocacy groups will not be included in the restrictions of this bill.  Unfortunately, neither will the NRA who sold their soul and dropped their opposition to this bill in exchange for the exemption.  (I guess they forgot how dangerous it is to make a deal with the devil.)

The groups that ARE limited by this bill are organizations like the various Tea Party organizations, family value advocacy groups, conservative watchdogs, even RedState should we so decide to purchase campaign ads.  (I know, we don’t need to, it’s just an example folks!)

So in other words, if you are on the left, say whatever you want, spend whatever you want, do whatever you want and you will be protected by law.  If you are on the right, you just got your wings clipped in a big way, if this passes.

Now the chances that this law will be turned over by the SCOTUS as well is almost a certainty, but it WON’T happen before this November’s elections.

Got on the phones people!  Call your Representative in Congress now!