I Need You Guys To Do Me A Favor...

I just recently read a column written by an uber-liberal blogger who uses the name “AC”.  I’ve gone a couple of rounds with this guy in the past but this morning he truly crossed the line with his attempt to show how “ridiculous” we Conservatives are for believing the health care bill includes death panels.  In his “illustration” he goes after Trig Palin.

Would you, perhaps, be willing to assist me in giving this clown a Red State Beatdown?  You don’t have to sign up for the site to comment.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am posting the link and text below:


(Sorry for the cut and paste link, couldn’t get the hyperlink to work for some reason)

AC-Death Panel Avenger


It’s the year 2040. Barack Obama’s historic health care reform bill is now thirty years old and the United States has changed dramatically….for the better if you ask me. Initially there was a lot of resistance to the ‘changes’ that were happening, mostly from pain in the a** conservatives who were clever enough to have seen through our plan. But that didn’t last long. You see the ‘death panels’ became the law of the land in 2010 and The Obama picked an A-1 immoral liberal for this glorious undertaking. From that day on those who didn’t quite fit in were systematically given to me…..AC-Death Panel Avenger.

Chapter 1 (the year 2010)

Grandma’s Gotta Go

His job was simple….eliminate those who were obsolete. Eventually the task would turn to those who were obstinate but in the beginning he was simply there to cull the numbers, to thin the herd. AC was a master at his craft and he started the very first panels the day the law was signed by Lord Obama. One thing he learned early in life was to start slow and build up a steady pace, these things couldn’t be rushed or it would draw to much attention from the right wing media…the devils.

No, a single death panel would be started in each state. The members would be handpicked from the remnants of the sixties and some from the early seventies but certainly nobody who was close to yuppie age would be allowed. Long haired maggot infested hippies, environmentalist wackos, and bleeding heart war protesters would be the heart and soul of the first death panels. These people were certain to be the type that would pull out the feeding tube from Terry Schiavo’s stomach faster than you can say ‘compromise bill’. They would talk as if they were concerned for the elderly, they would act sympathetic but the minute grandma begins forgetting where she left her car keys…..BAM….she’s denied health care for everything. Let’s see how long Grandma lasts without her lipitor and beta blockers. Grandma will be pushin’ up daisies in no time and the herd will begin to be thinned. And of course health care costs will go down and Lord Obama’s reign as ruler of the world will be ensured.

Chapter 2 (2011)

O.K. Sarah, Give us the Baby…..

Once the death panels caught on and the sheep…oops…my bad…I mean citizens of the USA were on board it was time to step things up a notch. Death panels were going strong in every state, so much so that the average age in the USA went from 77 to 45 in a single year. Man did health care costs go down and there was even extra money left over to give everyone on welfare a 10000 dollar raise….Lord Obama was pleased because most of the recipients of the money were non-whites. It tied in with his eventual plan to enslave all white people except a select few who had been so loyal, people like AC-Death Panel Avenger.

The next step was to move the death panels from the elderly to the undesirable and the first candidate would be Sarah Palin and her little downs-syndrome baby Trig. Who the hell needs a kid with downs syndrome anyway? All they do is suck up valuable resources that could be used elsewhere, like to give registered Democrat voters, who are naturally to busy to get a job, a little extra in their housing supplement or food stamp allotment. Priorities my friends, you have to have priorities if you’re gonna successfully run a country.

Sarah showed up at the federal building (all death panels operate from a federal building now) with Trig right on time. She had the conservative media in tow and was confident that she would turn this into a victory for conservatives everywhere with some defiant words and an evening spot on the O’Reilly factor. Little did she know how ready for her the death panels were. Sarah Palin and Trig androids were on site and ready for the ol’ switcheroo. Actually it was pretty easy to build a Sarah Android using a mannequin from Victorias secret and the voice box from an old Barbie Doll, a few modifications and it was a perfect match. Sarah ducked into the ladies room to change Trig’s poopy diaper and woooooooooshhhhhh, right down the trap door to the death panel waiting below. The fake Sarah promptly returned to the media circus where she announced that she was cooperating fully with the death panel after seeing the folly of wasting taxpayer money caring for a Downs Syndrome baby for many years to came, “why that would be like building a bridge to nowhere, you-betcha (wink, wink)”. The fools bought it of course, move over Stepford Wives.

The real Sarah was now at the mercy of an AC, A-1 Death Panel. “OK Sarah, give us the baby and we won’t water-board you or anyone in your family…..maybe”. After handing over Trig Sarah was sold to a Saudi Royal family as a concubine for a handsome profit….Cha Ching…..more dough for the freeloaders….uh I mean Democrats.

Chapter 3 Mickey, Lets Face it, Your Health Isn’t Good It

To be continued…….