Heterosexual Child-Rearing Far Superior To Same-Sex

Heritage Foundation Reports

Taking two separate surveys, on 2 different dates, two different unbiased organizations gave analyses on child-rearing with couples. This time, same-sex couples versus married husband-wife families were compared. Even Mike McManus elucidates how children of same-sex parents fare much worse than they usually do with a hetero-sexual couple.

Bob Unruh, states This 1 factor could cut child poverty 82% – Heritage Foundation .…. That factor is Mom and Dad being married. This does NOT include living together.

Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector (Senior Research Fellow): “…But the nation does little or nothing to discourage births outside marriage or to encourage healthy marriage. In fact, the welfare system often sends the message that marriage has nothing to do with poverty.” As can be explained as The report noted, “As husbands disappear from the home, poverty and welfare dependence will increase, and children and parents will suffer as a result”.

In the above report Rector says: “The collapse of marriage, along with a dramatic rise in births to single women, is the most important cause of childhood poverty but government policy doesn’t reflect that reality”.

Instead of promoting marriage, government only deplors it. It offers numerous programs, specifically for the one-parent family. It’s already known $330 billion (2011) went to single-parents with children.

The Washington Times also reported real-time facts about same-sex marriages. Mark Regnerus (University of Texas Scholar), found differing aspects with comparisons. As compared to adults raised in married heterosexual families, adults raised by lesbian mothers had detrimental consequences (in 24 of 40 classifications), and raised by gay fathers–had detrimental consequences in 19 classifications.

Parents Forcing Sex on Kids

In Exposing Liberal Lies: Homosexuality Hurts the Kids, Michael McManus [President/Marriage Savers] has found results detrimental from same-sex marriage. He says there is 11 times the chance of being molested by a parent: “only two people of those with married parents were ever touched sexually by a parent or an adult – while 23% of those with a lesbian mother had that experience.”

Other facts he unearths, you may not want to know. Only 8% of kids from intact families had ever been “forced” to have sex, versus 31% with lesbian, and 25% of gay parents.

The obvious evidence from this research, is confirmation that when Mom and Dad are actually married, they usually have a very positive effect in a child’s life.

But gays believe 5-8 million years of human responses can be forgotten in the last 30, when gay marriage has attempted to re-define actual marriage.

Alleged Discrimination

Usually, scathing innuendo has plagued accepted marriage in the last 30 years. How about the charge of ‘Christians constantly trying to discriminate against same-sex unions’? This charge is disproved by the privilege advantage. Certain people meet particular standards that enable them to take advantage of privileges offered. Many jobs include certain additional characteristics.

Airline pilots, for example, cannot be acrophobic (fear of heights). They cannot have uncontrolled seizures (e.g.,epilepsy), and many other requirements. That doesn’t mean they are better people than anyone else. Many occupations have special needs: the ability for one to weld, to drive a large machine, to repair a human heart, etc., etc….

Meeting Necessary Requirements

The privilege of marriage usually requires the ability to procreate-to produce new human life. Same-sex marriage, by efinition, prohibits procreation. Maybe it’s possible to paint a $250M portrait, similar to an existing “Rembrandt”. If not, it’s always possible to sue for damages because of discrimination.

Naturally, same-sex couples typically think a Rembrandt is more valuable than a baby.

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