Fraud in Every Corner of 2012 Election

All of a sudden election results are coming to light showing massive fraud. Can election results be changed? According to Joseph Farah (WND) [Did Obama really win?], shows results for which the winner should disclaim victory. Bob Unruh said the same thing. In a WND Exclusive: Poll watcher sees Romney ballots changed, he confirmed election disparities.

Even with the massive fraud turning the election, there was no way Obama could declare his win a ‘mandate’. Even with the fraud, Obama only got 51% of the vote, to Romney’s 48%.

Obama’s election victory was heavily tainted by several anomalies. The most serious ones: 1) automated voting machines in many states (initially virtual ties) gave 5-10% votes from Romney, to Obama. 2) Democrat operatives had voters cast multiple ballots. 3) In a deliberate effort to suppress the military vote, ballots were systematically denied active-duty servicemen and women around the world. 4) In many cases, Democrats were granted open voting, requiring no identification (e.g., no photo ID).

Amazingly, one finds out after the election that Obama won every state that didn’t fully require photo ID to vote.

Obama claimed no new taxes, but Obamacare (per Rush Limbaugh; 11/14 EIB) adds another $1.79/ hr/ full-time-employee tax. And add another $0.98/ hr/ employee as a ‘fine’ for not having Obamacare.

It turns out 330,000 votes for Romney (instead of Obama), in 4 ‘swing’ states (Fl, Oh, Va, & NH), would have given Romney the decision by the Electoral College. That doesn’t include the millions of votes changed to Obama from Romney (errant voting machines), >10 other methods of voter fraud, 3 million Republicans countrywide that didn’t vote (thinking Romney had already won from polls taken), or the millions who didn’t register to vote for fear of being called for Jury Duty.

After the election, we hear all of the discrepancies in the official ‘Benghazi-gate’ story. When asked on television to give an account of Benghazi, Obama would not respond, but said an investigation was forthcoming. It’s known public knowledge about the exact happenings could have easily changed election results, even with all the fraud.

Obama and his campaign cohorts were sly in their election antics. It’s almost impossible to pin any of the voter fraud actions on the Democrat Party, even though they seemed to win every contested vote. It will be highly difficult to pin any blame of fraud due to circumstances, and the lack of hard facts in most cases.

It was unfortunate the country will be submitted to four more years of crushing debt, Christmas gifts to half the electorate for re-electing Obama, Marxist practices, likely Supreme Court Justices nominated by a pro-abortion crowd, overbearing regulations, higher tax rates for all, and higher unemployment.

For those of you who still voted for Obama because he’s [only 45%] Black , it may be wise to remember that to vote for someone only because he’s Black, is as racist not to vote for someone who IS Black.

And most importantly, it may be wise to pray for those aborted, especially under the Obama regime. If those aborted souls are still existing, as most Christians know they are, there will likely be h–l to pay for the unrepentant.

Even an entire country must hit ‘rock-bottom’ before it can return to glory. Designed by the Forefathers almost 250 years ago, this country was designed with God’s help, and will never fail.


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected]