Can Communism be Around the Bend?

Many have the full intention of deleteting at least 6 words from the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. Those words are: “…or prohibiting the free exercise thereof… .  “Thereof’” specifically refers to religion. Other constitutional changes seem imminent as well, if Democrats win the next presidential election.

A main purpetrator is the infamous Health and Human Services (HHS) “contraception mandate”. An administrative rule  authorized by the 2010 Affordable Care Act, says every employer (>50 employees) must provide group health insurance.
That includes no-cost coverage of sterilization services, and prescription contraceptives (abortifacients–including the pill).

Simply put, sterilization will raise insurance premiums employers will have to pay. Costs will have to be passed onto consumers meaning they will have to pay additionally. Adding insult, to injury, to forcing someone to go against conscience and religious convictions, the consumer will be forced to pay at least twice.

Ditto for the abortifacients, which will add the additional atrocity of killing a soul-enshrined fertilized embryo. This adds killing a human to the forced list.

Hence, religious liberty is prohibited, forced, and controlled. First Amendment rights are then squelched, eliminated, stamped on, or ignored. Additional pending regulations, taxes, Obamacare, etc…, extend the disregard and downplay of any religion.

‘Death Panels’ directly refute any religious teaching of ‘life’. Any federal payment to abortion agencies (e.g., Planned Parenthood), Embryonic Stem Cell Research, same-sex marriage, cloning, and Euthanasia, are a direct forcing of the populace to pay for highly religiously objectionable precepts.

Over thirty-four states have already ruled a marriage is only between a woman and a man. A marriage is almost always religious in nature. Additional regulations and taxes not only increase the debt, but they decrease take-home pay, increase poverty, reduce job options, increase need for food stamps, and separate people. All in exact opposition to any religious beliefs.

Per Mathew Franck (Witherspoon Institute; Imprimis) the Obama DofJ says, “…no one can claim…any right of religious freedom or conscience that can trump a requirement of the law. Period.”

The early American Founder James Madison, speaks of conscience as an “unalienable right”. Something mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. He continues, religion is “exempt from the authority of the Society at large”. Even more so, from the political authority of the created government society.

It seems the existing secular state falters greatly in viewing religious communities, as subordinates to state decrees. Amazingly 30 years ago, Richard John Neuhaus (The Naked Public Square) added an omnipotent comment to the public square: “…a perverse notion of the disestablishment of religion leads to the establishment of the state as church.”   

Only one entity believes they are powerful enough to come between God and fellow citizens. That is a secularized state who has disbanded any hopes of a citizen-run government. Socialism believes it must control any society with an iron fist.

We must fight to secure the Founding Fathers’  intentions this election.

Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].