Obama Should Be limited to One Term

File:Marx Engels Lenin.svg

Representation of Marx, Engels, and Lenin-in that order.


America cannot take another 4 years of socialism, laced with Marxism. If Obama is re-elected for 4 more years, we are to be collected in the dustbin of our Forefathers, and the waste can of historical documents. That waste can will contain our Declaration, and our Constitution.

Our government will run our county. Free enterprise, capitalism, and the open market will all be dead, and considered dirty words.

All deficits will force drastically reduced services, widespread euthanasia of unproductive citizens, increased abortion to reduce population and costs, dramatically reduce Social Security benefits, and regulations stifling almost any liberty. The once most powerful country in the world, will be relegated to 2nd- or 3rd-world status.

How much of this is the current administration telling you? In an economic collapse destined to happen, 70 Facts President Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know – Athens Talks are blatantly presented: 

1) When Obama entered the White House in 2008, gas averaged nationally $1.85. Today it averages $3.10.

2) Betty Sutton [Rp/Oh] reveals an average of 23 manufacturing sites in the US have shut down every day during 2010.

3) Today, 49.1% of citizens live in a home where at least 1 person receives governmental benefits.

4) Obama administration spent $175,587 to determine if cocaine causes Japanese quail to engage in sexually risky behavior.

5) The national debt is rising $2 million every minute.

6) The national debt has risen to $5 trillion since Obama took office.

According to “Economic Collapse”, these are only the ‘tips of the iceberg’—pun intended.             

It seems almost certain if Obama gets re-elected, we will never see another opportunity to repeal Obamacare, national debt will eventually exceed $20 trillion, millions more jobs will disappear, government will supply most available jobs, massive federal debt will destroy most capitalism, organizations (e.g., Planned Parenthood, etc…) will continue to get billions of tax dollars for abortions, and the Constitution will continue to be shredded under liberal interpretations, and ‘international law’.   

The stark contrast between competing administrations have never been so obvious. American voters have never had such a monumental decision—between what our Forefathers wanted, and what Vladimir Lenin wanted—come November.


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].