Obama Changes Abortion Stance?

The President returning to the South Lawn of the White House.

In a recently unmentioned move by the Obama Administration, Ellie Shafer (Director/White House Visitor’s Office) disseminated an email newsletter to Congress, and visiting parties, providing detailed instructions on how to register an unborn child. This would be specifically for for the White House security system input, and for arranging group tours.

This specifically means for a White House tour the unborn child is considered to be a living, breathing person. Shafer wrote, “… You MUST include the baby in the overall count of guests in the tour.”

The newsletter explains how “the baby’s security information should be entered” into the system. If known, they want the gender included. It also instructed how all known information should be updated “once, the baby is born”.

We already know the baby is a young human from the point of conception, even though it won’t cause any undue interruption in White House events, or even ‘pull a gun out, and start making demands’.

Evidently, an unborn child is protected within the White House, but step outside, and it’s a different scenario altogether. It sounds like Ms. Schafer knew this, but any documentation of this widely dispersed memo has been erased from the internet. and associated files.  

Douglas Johnson (Director/NRLC), commented on Obama’s irregular actions: “It is ironic that President Obama’s staff recognizes the existence of unborn babies for purposes of providing security within the White House — yet, there is no indication that President Obama has any problem with the fact that throughout the District of Columbia, abortion is now legal for any reason up to the moment of birth.”

States with constitutional ‘personhood’ amendments (growing everyday), basically declares a person is a person, no matter how big or small, in the womb or out, healthy or unhealthy. This seems to be the policy at the White House. It just doesn’t apply anywhere else in the US.

Maybe ‘abortion stance changed’ is not a good way to put it for Obama. For him, it would be much better to frame it as ‘revenue generation for re-election plans’.


Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].